Month: June 2017

Arno’s Headshots, Amsterdam

Well this was exciting! My friend Arno is an actor and wanted new headshots — I’d never done anything of the like before, so this was an interesting experiment for the both of us. Loved it though – half of these were shot in his backyard, the others in Vondelpark. Gotta know your locations, people!

Shot with my Canon 700D and the 50mm f/1.8 lens.

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Aimee & Anna, Bielefeld

This was one of the first shoots I actually properly arranged with people; I grabbed my Canon 700D and my two friends and headed to an empty shopping centre in Bielefeld. It’s not exactly abandoned; there are still shops on the ground floor, but the upper floors only house offices now. It’s such a pretty location! I have to get used to my camera again and the shutter is annoyingly half-broken (probably a loose contact or something), so the photos weren’t quite as sharp and in focus as they need to be … but we still managed to get a couple of pretty shots. Have a look!

All photos were taken with the Canon 700D and either the f/1.8 50mm or the f/3.5-5.5 18-55mm kit lens.

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